Journal Entry Components

In-class listening assignments provide students with the opportunity to learn to listen to music with a discerning ear.  Each journal entry should consist of two parts:


The following must be included:
•Title (and source, if listening is part of a larger work)
•Performer Name(s)
•Genre:  classification of music, i.e. jazz, classical, musical theatre, etc.

Identify as many of the following as possible:
•Size of ensemble:  large, small, soloist, etc.
•Specific instruments/voice types
•Type of ensemble/accompaniment
•Dynamics: loud, soft, etc.
•Tempo: fast, slow, etc.
•Style: swing, bossa nova, ballad, etc.
•Mood: happy, sad, pensive, etc.
•Form:  12-bar blues, symphonic movement, AABA, etc.
•Language (don’t forget to capitalize!)

Outside of class, the student creates complete sentences from the notes taken.  Each written paragraph should consist of these components:

•Sentence 1:  Title & Performer

•Sentence 2-3:  Musical Elements.  Two (or more) sentences describe musical elements, which should include elements identified in bullet points.  Note: not all elements need to be included; pick the ones you consider most important.

•Sentence 4:  Emotion/Imagery.  A sentence describing evoked emotions and/or mind’s eye imagery.

•Last Sentence:  Opinion statement.  Does the listener like it?  Why or why not?