Performance Review Example



These do not need to be complete sentences.

Performance Date and Time (3 pts.)
October 20, 8 pm

Performer/Show/Group Name(s) (3)
The Lion King

Genre (Classical, Jazz or Musical Theatre ONLY) (2)
Musical Theatre

Performance length (i.e., 2 hrs., 30 min.;) (1)
2 hrs., 15 min.


These must be in sentence form.

What was your favorite song/piece? Why? (5)
I enjoyed “He Lives In You” because of its mysterious, driving harmonic structure as well as the incredible percussion featured throughout the selection.  I also appreciated the positive, inspiring message of the piece, which speaks to me on a very personal level.

Name the piece(s) you recommend that we perform and explain why you recommend them. If you don’t recommend anything, explain that. (3)
The opening piece ,”Circle of Life,” would be an amazing piece to perform, both for the singers and the audience.  It’s inspiring and impressive.  Performing it as a processional would be a creative beginning for a concert.

Did the performer(s) have good or appropriate stage presence? Why or why not? (2)
The performers were amazing!  They broke the fourth wall  when they were in the audience, which was thoroughly entertaining.  However, with very few exceptions, they were completely immersed in their characters, a quality that was even more important given the number of performers using puppets.

Did you find their behavior to be distracting or did it enhance the performance? Explain why you think that is or isn’t important. (2)
The benefit of watching a professional company—in this case, members of a touring Broadway cast—is observing performers who are exemplify excellence.  Their behavior was completely appropriate and engaging.

Was the attire/appearance of the performer(s) appropriate to the performance? Why or why not? Was there anything you thought was notable (positive or negative)?  (3)
Once again, the benefit of the Broadway cast (and touring budget) was the gorgeous eye-candy onstage.  The costumes, set pieces, and props were incredible, most notably the puppets used by the performers.  I enjoyed the fact that the puppeteers were wearing outfits that were appropriate to the characters they were portraying, instead of wearing basic black, which is often the technique employed by puppeteers.  I also thought the masks and headpieces worn by the lions were gorgeous and completely mesmerizing.

Was the audience respectful of the performers?  Do you believe that this affected the performers?  Explain (2)
The audience was thoroughly engaged in the performance, cheering, responding, and reacting enthusiastically.  I am sure that this had a wonderful effect on the performers; as a performer myself, I know I get energized when my audience is enthusiastic about my work.

Tell me something notable about this performance. Pick things that will help you remember this performance (perhaps things that were funny, fascinating, inspiring, questionable… whatever you think is important). (3)
The pit orchestra was amazing for this show, but the most incredible thing was watching the auxiliary percussionists, which were set up in the boxes on either side of the stage.  I was amazed by the amount of percussion that was played.  I didn’t even know that many percussion instruments existed!


Write a paragraph of 3-4 sentences that gives your overall opinion about this performance, including your responses to the following questions:  Was it worth attending? Why or why not? Would you recommend that others watch performances by this performer/ group? Why or why not? (10)
I was so grateful that I had the opportunity to see “The Lion King” in person! It has always been one of my favorite Disney movie, and I thought the musical was a beautiful representation of the things that appealed to me about the movie.  I was especially impressed by the performances of the actors playing Pumbaa and Timon, who were both charming and lots of fun while operating their puppets.  The puppets, in fact, are the element that make this musical a true stand-out.  The complex beauty of this production was amazing, and absolutely the most wonderful way to spend my birthday!

peer edit

Three people from your class will read your review and give you constructive criticism .  Type their names and delete the lines after your peer edit. (3 pts. per person)

  1. Amy Debarr
  2. Katie McCordle
  3. Joe Meyers

Whose report did you read that you really enjoyed reading, and why? (2)
Amy’s report was thoughtful and highly detailed.  I was impressed by the amount of detail she was able to share about the concert she saw.  I was jealous I didn’t go by the time I was done reading it!

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